Fam & Friends –

What a great week it was here at the MTC.  I’m starting to notice how quickly days pass and how little time I have to get all the things I want to, done.  It’s already been three weeks – Crazy!

This week was a great one for my district, my companionship and myself.  The growth that has taken place in each missionary is so noticeable to me.  The MTC, although sometimes dry, is a place for refinement – It’s a time that is vital in each missionary’s journey.

I have seen, and made some great friends here at the MTC.  My zone is going to be separated this week as the Czechs and Bulgarians are headed to their respected missions on Monday.  Good guys, who will be phenomenal missionaries in bringing the truth to eastern Europe – Excited to connect at BYU post-mission with some of them.  Outside of my zone, I have been able to make friends with many people from all different backgrounds, some BYU guys, a couple even planning to take the same track as me which is cool.  Overall, awesome people here.  It’s the MTC – everyone loves everyone.. aha!

Last night, our district had the opportunity to do something called TRC.  It is an activity we have once a week where we teach return missionaries from our mission.  It was so cool to chat and learn from them and their experiences.  It had me stoked for the experiences that are to come these next two years!  They were impressed with how well we were conjugating and conversing with them, which is about the best thing you can hear as a struggling missionary.  In three weeks, the TRC program, will turn into a Skype session with branch members!  Super excited!

At the MTC, Sundays and Tuesdays are devotional days!  We are always blessed with the messages that come through.  This past Sunday we were taught by Susan Easton Black and her husband.  She talked about the history of the missionary program, and more specifically, missionaries experiences.

Ezra Taft Benson:  “Exact Obedience”

Gordan B. Hinckley:  “Forget yourself, and get to work”

Her husband stood up after her and bore his testimony.  His testimony really resonated with me.  He talked about how he was a sports guy in high school, quiet and timid.  He expressed how once he got to his mission, nobody knew (or cared) what awards he received way back, all that mattered was what kind of missionary he was.  He shared his testimony on what exactly it means to be bold – Great message, especially for me!

-Being bold means talking softly with Godly confidence-

I’m so grateful for he experiences I’m having here at the MTC.  Great friends, and such a wonderful spirit here.  Love you guys so much and please know I pray for you each and everyday.  Have a great week!

With Love,

Starjesina Perry


Starting to learn the Cyrillic alphabet for Serbia and Bosnia

Temple Walk….. yearning for one more ski run!




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