Those who were converted

Zdravo –

Another quick, but great week at the MTC. I am approaching my month mark which is crazy to me seeing as it feels like I was entering just yesterday. What a time to be a missionary though… I’m so grateful to be here and to have this opportunity to prepare for what’s to come.
Earlier this week, the Czechs and Bulgarians took off for their respected missions, leaving us and the other Bulgarian district as the oldest in the branch – Crazy. New missionaries have arrived, and our branch hasn’t missed a beat. It’s always fun to meet each new missionary and welcome them to the greatest work. I find it so interesting how specific missions, carry the same type of missionaries. Haha personalities never change – I’m positive each missionary is divinely called to their mission.
Big news this week: Your boy was able to hit the record board at the MTC gym – I broke the consecutive free throw record with 44 in a row. It was a pivotal moment in my mission thus far haha. Calling B-Culli out to give it his best shot when he arrives!
This week, my district and I implemented a strategy regarding productivity. Studying in a classroom with 8 other missionaries, and staying on task, is difficult. We found we were wasting too much time with things that didn’t pertain to our purpose as missionaries. As we have changed some things around, I have seen the fruits of our labors come forth – language has improved, lessons have been more productive, and the spirit is much stronger. I’m proud of the district and all that is taking place – Great missionaries!
We were blessed with awesome devotionals this week. Sister and Elder Brent Neilson, from the seventy, came and delivered a profound message. Although title-less, I named the devotional, “Put Everything on your Altar.” Some of my favorite quotes/thoughts:
Sister Neilson:
“The MTC is a crash course of our own weaknesses”
“You don’t need to do anything but move forward”
Elder Neilson:
“Don’t be a me-monster”
Doctrine of Proximity: Revelation comes when you are on the way/acting.
True example is caught not taught
Being here for 4 weeks I have realized quickly why the MTC is such a vital stop in each missionary’s journey. Here at the MTC, one truly is suffocated with their own weaknesses. Sounds extreme but it’s true. As we study the scriptures everyday, and consistently rely on the spirit for help in our lessons, language studies, and relationships, our weaknesses become apparent. That has sure been the case for me. I have realized, rather quickly, what Christ-like attributes I need to work on. It’s been a beautiful, refining process as I have been able to do so. I testify that in ‘Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity’. We simply can’t grow the way our Heavenly Father wants us to grow in mere isolation.
In my scripture study, I recently finished the book of Alma. I was specifically struck with the story of the Lamanites laying down the Weapons of their rebellion. It says in the 23rd chapter that “They did lay down the weapons of their rebellion, that they did not fight against God any more, neither against any of their brethren. Now, these are they who were converted unto the Lord.”Those who were converted, were those that did lay down the weapons of their rebellion. “
Whatever the weapon of war is – Pride, ill-feelings for another, dis-obedience – may we set it on our altar and more cheerfully submit to the will of the Father. The road to Salvation goes right through Gethsemane for each one of us – it is NOT a cheap experience. I testify that through complete conversion, we can more clearly see God’s love for us and all of His children.
I’m so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon has become one of my best friends as I have been able to study it every single day. It is through that book, mixed with prayer, that one will come to know the truth of all things – Moroni 10:3-5.
I sure love you guys and appreciate all the support – Have a great week!
Much love,
Starjesina Perry

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