Sharing Gold & Medicine

Friends and Fam –

Exciting news this week: My district and I have hit our half-way mark at the MTC and are officially on the downhill stretch! Time has flown by, as I’m sure it will throughout the course of my mission, and I’m having a great time.
This week was full of the usual highs and inevitable lows! On Friday morning, I woke up with a nasty bug that really took me out of my rhythm. I tried to rough it out, but after targeting nearly every garbage can, I decided to call it and hit the bed for the rest of the day haha. This morning, I feel much better – I’m hoping it’s out of my system. Getting sick on the mission is not something I wish for anyone – Yikes!
Funny language mess-up this week: My companions and I were teaching the proper way to be baptized to our investigator Davor. We were expressing that we must be immersed by water, which we noticed he wasn’t understanding too well. We then drew a picture on the chalkboard to visualize what we were saying. All of a sudden he started laughing.. We were so confused haha. Later we found out from Davor that we were telling him he needs to be baptized by death and that our picture looked like we were holding somebody under water – uhhh! Scary but funny moment for us missionaries aha.
Other than those rough experiences, I had a phenomenal week! I have learned so much in my short stay here about myself, the Gospel, and my role as a missionary. Missionary work is the best work! President Burgess (Pres. of MTC) said in a mission conference this past week, “Make sure your mission purpose isn’t just in your mind but in your heart.” I’ve learned quickly that in order to be an effective missionary one must have a deep abiding love for this gospel! With us, we must know that we carry ‘Gold and Medicine’. The message cannot and will not carry into the investigator’s hearts unless the message is deeply rooted in the missionary.
Our Devotional this week was highlighted by Elder Pino of the Seventy. He had two points in his address that I thought were what I needed to hear.
1) D&C 15 and 16: Missionary letters to John Whitmer and Peter Whitmer. The sections have the exact same wording, purpose and challenge, but we learn in the intro to section 15 that the message is “Intimately and impressively personal” to each Whitmer. So it is with each missionary today. I know that missionary calls are divinely personal. I know that I am exactly where I need to be, and that the Adriatic North region is where I’m called to serve.
2) Jesus Christ was the master teacher. He always went where the person was and raised their level of understanding. Ex: John 4:7-14, John 3:1-5.
Brother Pino stressed the importance of internalizing the doctrine so that we can do the same.
“The doctrine is not something abstract – Study it!”
“I know His word” – Bruce R. Mckonkie
“How powerful is the missionary who internalizes the doctrine”
I’m so grateful for this gospel. Missions are hard (ha very original I know) – I’ve done many hard things in my life but no doubt this will top the list. What’s refreshing is knowing that along the way, I carry and will carry the most important message anyone will ever hear. As I study the scriptures everyday, I can’t help but realize how great this word is. Read it, Study it, Internalize it! It is my testimony that as we do so, others will see it in us. I can’t wait to embark to the Baltic streets and proclaim this great word (in my limited vocabulary)!
I love and pray for each of you everyday – Keep the Faith! The work is true!
With all my love,
Starjesina Perry
“One day, Everybody who you once knew, will know that you had this joyous gospel, and will want to know why you didn’t share it.”

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