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Week 6 is officially complete at the MTC for the Adriatic North district. We have 3 quick weeks left that will be filled with exciting events such as the Provo Temple dedication, Easter!!!, and General Conference. I’m so grateful to be here, in the MTC, on a mission, feeling the spirit every day – What a time.
The district is continually improving in all aspects – spirituality, language proficiency, and teaching skills. We are all working hard! I have come to love each missionary and have learned so much from their humble testimonies, and their righteous examples. Great missionaries – Seriously!
The language is progressing for me. This week I was pushed by a great teacher to go out of my comfort zone and really stretch myself with the language. He challenged me to “Speak my language” as much as I could this week. After all, I was called on a foreign language mission, not an English speaking mission. I have seen the blessings come forth. You don’t learn a language or achieve anything relatively difficult out of a book.. You learn by practice, diligence, and more practice.
I’m so grateful to be here. I’m eternally grateful for this Easter Season and all that it brings into our lives. As sad as I am that I’m missing the epitome of the sports season this march (tears), I know that I am centered on the most important message ever – the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. I challenge each of you to study the words of 3 Nephi this week in preparation for Easter and General Conference. I know this work is true and that Jesus is the Christ!
With love,
Elder Perry
Reverently and Meekly Now:
“Think of me, Thou Ransomed one:Think of what I for thee have done, with my blood that dripped like Rain, sweat in agony of pain, with my body on the tree, I have ransomed even thee.
Oh remember what was done, that the sinner might be won. On the Cross of Calvary, I have suffered death for thee.”
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Provo LDS Temple

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