Zone Conference

The temperatures are rising, rainstorms are brewing, and the blessings are pouring – A great week here in the Adriatic!

This past Tuesday, our Podgorica district got a nice change in the schedule and boarded a plane to Beograd for Zone Conference! It was a great day as we were able to learn from President Grant and his wife, Sister Grant. I loved learning new insights and meeting up with fellow missionaries. Some thoughts that were touched on that I will share:
1. Luke 10 – Martha vs. Mary
2. Master planner then master teacher – “If it doesn’t matter where you want to go, it doesn’t matter what path you take.”
3. “There’s no missionary who would linger if he knew the message of the restoration”
The language is improving little by little for me – I try to have as much fun as I can with it! I can understand just about every word my awesome companion says but anytime a native starts speaking it’s a blur. Humbling moment this week on the streets: I stopped a middle-aged lady and asked her how she was doing (in her language obviously) and then she looked at me, right in the eyes, and in the sweetest voice said “I don’t speak english” and walked away. Ouch – Good dose of humble pie for the week ha.
As Easter was celebrated this weekend in Montenegro, us 4 elders were invited over to the 19 year-old members’ home for a feast with his family! My first in-home meal with a family. All the other missionaries told me how hospitable they are here and the great amounts of food they serve, but I had no clue lets be real. After juice, boiled eggs, and some cultural games, we were fed a huge meal which consisted of meat, meat and more meat – It was delightful. The most I’ve eaten in quite some time. After eating, we shared a spiritual thought, and right as we were about to walk out the door, his sweet mother brought out a huge cake. Oh man, couldn’t pass that down either! Safe to say – I love the Balkans, and I won’t be coming home skinny.. ha I’ll find the gym when I get home!
Finding and Teaching are awesome for Elder Poore and I. We are working hard and we have some phenomonal investigators whom are progressing and moving forward. The future is bright & the next couple weeks should bring forth great things.
Highlight of the week was church on Sunday! We had 20 people at church! We had a group of 5 Americans on vacation come and join us. It was so much fun! A sweet family from Russia, who lives in Dubrovnik right now and tries to come as much as they can, joined us as well. As testimony meeting proceeded my heart was full as investigators and new members were able to see the power in numbers. I was able to teach Sunday school after in English (because # of Americans). My lesson was translated into Serbian as well as Russian. Every sentence I said would take 10-15 seconds for everyone to understand! ha it was a Sunday everyone in attendence will remember!
However different our languages, cultural backgrounds and gospel knowledge may be, I have such a strong testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost has the power to lift, enlighten, and touch hearts. The spirit was so strong in our humble Church building. An experience I will never forget!
Podgorica is feeling more like home day after day. I love the beauty, the culture, people, and even the language (at times)!
Here’s an early Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Mothers who read my lame emails every week – You are amazing! I sure can’t wait to see my Mom through Skype on Sunday!!
With love,
Elder Perry
“You’re braver than you believe + stronger than you seem + smarter than you think.” – Winnie the Pooh

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